It is all over the news how difficult NHS Trusts in England are struggling, so could now be the right time to put yourself forward to being that First Aider in the Workplace?

We sometimes hear that being a first aider in the workplace isn’t worth it, and when we ask further, the answers generally relate to the lack of financial reward for taking up the role. That there is more responsibility and stress for no additional money, or there is not enough time to be out of work, when the workloads are so high. And I get all of that, I really do.

However let’s look at this in a different way and put a scenario in there.

You are walking to the shop around the corner from where you live and you hear the screech of brakes. A car has hit a wall and there was more than 1 person in that vehicle. What would you do?

Turn the other way and hope someone else will help? Go to help but are panicking because of not knowing what to do? Or think ‘ok, this could be someone needing my help, and I can do that, I know how to use my First Aid at Work skills’

Or another way…. you are sat at home and there is a knock at the door… someone has been in an accident.. your first thoughts .. are they hurt? Where are they? I need to get to them?… Has someone phoned for help or is helping them with first aid?

This First Aid at Work course for the workplace isn’t just for the workplace you see, it is for life. It is for saving lives ,and making a difference to families, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Learning how to undertake a ‘primary survey’ is about the first things you need to consider in a first aid situation to make sure everyone is safe. CPR isn’t just what you see on the TV in the dramas and soaps, it’s about making sure that if that heart stops working, you can do something about it till help arrives.

But when will help arrive? It is all over the news how difficult NHS Trusts in England are struggling, and the waiting time for help and care is getting longer and longer, would you want to just stand and wait… and hope?

Of course you can ring 999 (or 112) and they will talk you through everything. However, wouldn’t you feel better if that talk was just to reinforce the skills you have learnt, on a First Aid at Work course, Emergency First Aid at Work Course or Paediatric First Aid Course?

We cannot take the fear of a situation happening away from you, but we can take away the fear of knowing what to do about it away from you.

Our role is to make sure that you are confident in your skills, that you know why we train you to do what is needed to  make a difference, and save lives. We explain things in a way that makes sense, by taking away big words, scary scenarios and making your learning enjoyable instead.

So have a think about the sort of person you would like to be if someone needed your help in a first aid situation. If it is to be caring, confident and capable, then taking up the role of first aider in the workplace will give you those skills to use wherever you are.

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