So it is a bit miserable at the moment with the weather and the long nights, but  ….Summer is on it’s way- Yayyy! (but no to sun burn)

One thing that most people do when they prepare for their holidays is head to Boots (other places are available) and see what offers there are on Sun Cream and After Sun- fab, one less thing on the holiday preparation list that is now at just 3 pages long (or is that just Rochelle, my Daughter-in-Law who does lists so long?)

So there you are- the fabulous day has arrived and off you go to the airport, waiting for that moment when the plane doors open and the heat hits you, yes it is a good feeling.

As you only have 2 weeks, you need to hit the sun lounger before anyone else gets there- you know the one, right by the pool, but not by where you are going to get continually splashed….and then you relax and possibly sleep after applying your factor 12 (you only have 2 weeks and you want to wear white on the journey home so people can ask where you have been to get such a tan- you do not expect to burn or want to burn).

The thing is, your skin and you are not used to such high temperature, so in the evening when you are headed for the shower and you take the costume off – you see the reflection in the mirror that is like the photo on this post…..

Now what makes me smile is that people think that because you have After Sun, all will be cool; only it’s not. You see what people don’t think is what has actually happened to your body whilst you try and get that amazing tan…your skin is actually starting to burn….

Let’s imagine that your skin is a frying pan (go with me and hold on, I will get there) and this frying pan is so hot, but you need it to be cool- quickly. Would you: 1. Put on After Sun to cool the frying pan down? 2. Put on toothpaste to cool the frying pan down? 3. Put the frying pan under cool running water till it was cool?

For those of you that haven’t got the light bulb moment yet, let me explain. Putting on After Sun, toothpaste or any other cream may cool the frying pan a little. But generally what would happen is that it would become a liquid and heat up rather like butter would so the frying pan would not cool down. Now change the words ‘frying pan’ to ‘sun burn’

So what should you do? If you have a burn or a scald (not chemical that is slightly different) you should. 1. Cool the burn with cool water for a minimum of 10 minutes (ideally running water).

2. Remove jewellery and loose clothing (that is near the burn or scald)

3. Dress the burn with a sterile dressing that won’t stick. You can also get more information from the NHS website

Now there is more to treating a burn or scald than this. If you want to make sure you know exactly what to do, we have courses available from the New Parents First Aid Course, to the Childcare First Aid Course to all the First Aid at Work Courses. For more information, call Iain on 01484 546780 or visit

Happy Burns Night (without the burns!)