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Dog / Canine First Aid

Having the responsibility of looking after someones pet has recently been updated with changes to the law.

From October 2018, and brought in by DEFRA, if you provide any of the following:

Boarding kennels for dogs.

Daycare for dogs.

Breed dogs or

Provide home boarding for dogs.


You will need to ensure that you have the correct first aid training for these roles.

It does make sense really.

Can you imagine if you saw an accident with a dog or it was your dog and no one knew how to help including yourself?

And that is one of the reasons we decided to offer the canine first aid courses to professionals and also individuals.

Another reason for running the courses was the fact that we have always had dogs and Bella is the dog with no fear- no thoughts of relaxing and a world that revolves around sticks.

It is one of those accidents you REALLY don’t want to think about, but it could happen if your dog falls and the stick goes through the roof of their mouth….

By attending one of the courses, we will be able to take away that fear of not knowing what to do in this situation and many others, as we do know first aid inside out!

The course content has 27 subjects all about dogs and the first aid treatment.

Now you may think they are the same (human and canine first aid courses and their treatments) and to a certain degree you are correct. Because both us and dogs breathe, use blood, and our hearts and lungs to survive.

However, there are significant differences with how accidents are treated and we explain all of it, we explain the ‘WHY’- not just what you do at certain times.

There are things you may not know, however, you don’t know what you don’t know.


Do you know all the different foods that are poisonous for dogs?

Do you know why the tongue is so important and why you need a torch in your first aid kit for your dog?

We are running the courses on a Saturday to start with- no doggies allowed I am afraid.

Steve is the tutor and with his first aid knowledge and love of dogs as well as over 50 years of caring for these four legged friends- he will make the session interesting, fun and relevant to you and your pets and or work.

For more information, please take a look at the Canine/Dog First Aid course



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