You may have seen in the papers the  horrid story about mini eggs…Now it’s not the eggs themselves that causes a problem, it is when or if your child is eating them and ends up swallowing them and then choking on them.

Oh my goodness the first thing most parents do is PANIC!!

That is actually the worst thing you can do… Your child sees you panicking, panics more and as a result can make the object even more stuck.

Now that is easier said than done, not to panic, but what if it was you?

Imagine now that something has happened to you and you know that something whatever it is is not right. You can’t work out what is wrong, but you know it’s something. Then you see someone coming towards you and they have panic in their eyes and are shouting and or crying. At that point, you are worried, seriously worried and perhaps you in that split second as an adult think ‘crikey this isn’t looking good with the way they are reacting and can they be any good in helping me out here anyway?’

Well then think how your child feels- they are looking to you for help and you are making them think ‘is there anyone else that can actually help me?’

I have used the eggs as an example as they are on social media and in the papers. I love these eggs and have never had a problem with them. But when it comes to children, you should only give foods to them that are appropriate for their stage of development. If you want to ask any questions at all, please email us, give us a call, or message us on Facebook. To look at the first aid courses we have available Click

Watch Steve simply, but effectively deal with a choking child.

  1. Do NOT panic!!
  2. Can the child cough?
  3. Tell them what you are going to do
  4. Hold them in a safe position for you and for them
  5.  Five back blows, checking every time (if it comes out- stop)
  6. Call 999
  7. Five abdominal thrusts, checking every time (if it comes out- stop)
  8. If the child stops breathing- CPR (Starting with compressions)
  9. If the object comes out, take to hospital if the child is unwell, you have done abdominal thrusts, if there is something that makes you concerned