Brilliant News!!

We have been asked a number of times previously ‘isn’t there a course that covers both adult and child first aid?’

Well now we can say ‘yes there is’.

This combined course is a 3 day course.

So instead of it taking 5 days for the 3 day First Aid at Work Course, and then an additional 2 days for the Paediatric First Aid course, your staff are only out of your setting for 3 days in total.

The courses meet your legal requirements under The HSE, OFSTED and the EYFS.

All the same subjects are covered as they are on the separate courses- and it works out cheaper in cover in your settings and also the price of the course, so it really does help budget setting.

Feedback from the courses have been very positive:

“I found the course really beneficial and feel much better prepared to be able to support anyone in the school as needed, rather than potentially having to refuse to assist someone due to not having the correct training. It didn’t feel in any way jarring to cover both adults and paediatric on the same course, rather it felt that each element complimented the other, giving a fuller, clearer picture of how to help with first aid.”

“I really enjoyed the practical elements of the course, and the opportunity to allow for additional questions and discussions as we covered each area, which helped to reinforce our learning and address any misconceptions.” – Southgate School

Have a look on our combined courses section for the dates of the next upcoming courses.  #firstaid #training #huddersfield #savinglives #schools #earlyyears#