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2 Day Blended First Aid at Work (eLearning & Classroom)

    £210.00 + VAT
   2 Days
Online independent learning and two days in the classroom. If you prefer to learn online and spend less time in a classroom learning, then this is the course for you, if your First Aid Risk Assessment states this. This course is a combination of eLearning and two classroom days.

This course and its content meets your HSE requirements with regards to First Aid in your workplace

The Zone, HD1 6PT

Awarding Body:


Course Overview

For you, this could be a new way of learning, while still meeting your your legal requirements for your business and employees, it is just delivered in a different way for you.

The First Aid Needs Assessment will look at a number of factors which are recorded and used as due diligence for your company, if you would like to know more about your legal responsibilities in regards to first aid for you and your business, click on the link HSE First Aid at Work, your questions answered.

We have also provided for you a First Aid Needs Assessment with the additional support of Steve or Nikki if you would like to chat about your business and needs. Just email and we will contact you.

The assessment you complete with us, or independently will look at:

• Your First Aider knowledge among staff on the premises. The number of staff and also visitors on your premises at all varying times during opening hours

• The types of activities you have at your setting

• Any needs for first aid based on the needs of yourself or employees in your business at any one time

The content of your course was set by the HSE and as we are an Approved First Aid Training Company, we deliver to the standards set. This means you will know are meeting your legal requirements with this content.

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Course Details

2 Day Blended First Aid at Work (eLearning & Classroom)
£210.00 + VAT
2 Days
The Zone, HD1 6PT
Awarding Body:

Course Topics

Health & Safety in a First Aid situation including Covid-19 updates.
Dealing with an emergency situation and the use of the AED machine (defibrillator).
Dealing with a non breathing casualty and performing CPR & Dealing with an unconscious casualty and the recovery position.
Wounds, bleeding, the blood loss theory, tourniquets and shock.
Recognising and dealing with a choking casualty.
Broken bones, sprains and strains and spinal injuries.
Minor injuries, eye injuries.
Epilepsy and seizures.
Asthma and diabetes.
Heart attacks and strokes.
Poisoning, burns and scalds and anaphylaxis with the use of autoinjectors including EpiPen.

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