Undertaking your Covid 19 risk assessment has been a must for your business wanting to open from this point onwards.

This is to ensure the safety (both emotionally and physically) for your employees, your families and your business.

So what is this Covid 19 risk assessment supposed to look like?

Here at Purple Dog I will explain what we have done and how we have gone about this, that way (as all businesses are unique) it will give you the format for what you can do to assess, write and implement yours.

The law states that a risk assessment must be ‘suitable and sufficient’. This means it is to show that a proper check was made. Changes to be made must be ‘reasonable and practicable’ meaning the company is doing what they are reasonably able to do to ensure the Health & Safety of all staff and visitors etc.

There are different aspects to the risk assessments we have 13 different ones in place (as it was easier than having one massive Covid-19 risk assessment to complicate things for the team)

As we deliver First Aid at Work Courses, Paediatric First Aid Courses for childcare workers including childminders, Mental Health First Aid courses and Canine First Aid courses, you will appreciate we have a lot of different people into the rooms, sometimes for 1 day sometimes up to 3 days for the First Aid at Work courses.

What Steve had to do was:

  1. Look at every one of the areas where individuals may walk through, sit in, learn from, work in or visit.
  2. Then look at any risks that there may be to anyone’s health & safety and welfare
  3. What was the level of risk from minor/occasional to severe
  4. He was then able to see if anything could be taken away to stop that risk being there in the first place
  5. Could the risk be made safer in some way was the next question?
  6. Could PPE be used?
  7. Did there have to be additional training on any level for the implementation?

Looking at a learner coming into the venue, Steve had to consider risks from getting up that morning for the learner to the time they left the venue, that is how important it has to be to share these with the team as the more eyes the better

So the Covid 19 risk assessments include:

Employee health and wellbeing

Hand washing/ drying and sanitising

Cleaning and infection control

Venue risk assessments for courses run externally to Purple Dog’s venue

Training Room 1  (plus all other rooms individually recorded including the use of the toilet)

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) equipment.

For Purple Dog this has changed a lot, as we need to ensure we are keeping up to date with the latest guidelines and also looking at what those who work in closer contact than ourselves with individuals are doing. So starting 2/11/2020, all tutors will have clear goggle type glasses to wear due to risks identified of people getting droplets from coughs and colds in their eyes.

Social Distancing which includes  for ourselves, the full sized protection screens between learners and 2m marks on the floor.

From these completed risk assessments, we show them to the whole team- have we missed anything? Anything they feel needs to be changed in some way? Do they all understand and can follow what has been put into place from these Covid19 Risk assessments?

By doing this, everyone has an invested interest in keeping themselves and their families and learners safe, it is not as could be seen in some workplaces as ‘just another risk assessment to follow’ it is a Covid 19 Risk Assessment that is part of their work and safety.

To write these initially, it needs to be a competent person (in our case this is Steve Moss who has the NEBOSH Certificate), someone who has had the relevant training in the assessing of risk and writing the assessments up to be implemented. However, it does not have to be that you write hundreds of words, unless you feel it is necessary dependent on the setting and number of employees and risks that have been identified.

This Covid 19 risk assessment (s) has to be a workable and readable and adaptable piece of work.

As changes happen so frequently, the Covid 19 risk assessments must be amended accordingly and all employees made aware of the changes made.

So how do we make sure that we let people know what changes and protection procedures we have in place?

We update the website, social media channels, send emails to companies booked onto courses, to show what changes have been made from the risks identified on the Covid19 Risk Assessment.

For up to date information on courses running, please see the courses page.

Are we being too over cautious?

No. What we are doing is looking at what scares people the most and that is the fact that they don’t feel safe. You can be assured that on our training we do everything we can to make the individual and their company safe from Covid-19

If you would like additional information, please visit  HSE for more Covid19