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First Aid needed – running through a glass door

Ayia Napa, where is it?

Arran rang me from Ayia Napa 5 years ago; ‘mum, will you pay my insurance’  that was the start…

He then told me he had ran through a glass door and cut his leg. He had been there for only 4 hours- what!?

With the phone balanced on my shoulder by my head, I frantically tried to spell ‘Ayai Napa’. I then tried to find a flight out there. All the while trying to explain the incident to the others in the office and to try and clear my diary as I needed time off- immediately.

Arran, however, told me he would ignore me if I flew out there, it was only a cut.

Don’t worry he says…

Arran then ended the call abruptly with a ‘don’t worry mum I’ll be alright’ and the phone went dead.

Don’t worry? He will be alright? I am in my office in Huddersfield, my son rings and tells me he is in hospital in Ayia Napa. He may need an operation because of this and I want to be the last face Arran sees before he goes under the anaesthetic and I am not supposed to worry!

I didn’t even know where Ayai Napa was!! And breathe.

30 minutes later with a sky high blood pressure reading; I am now talking to the doctor who is taking a payment of £250.00 from me because of the cut to his leg. However; Arran did have insurance, but they took him to a hospital that didn’t take that type of insurance!


You couldn’t make this up.

Arran is on the plane home 5 days later and myself and his brother collect him from the airport. Arran was grinning quite oblivious to the fact he had caused so much stress to me as he was wheeled through arrivals in a wheelchair with his cut leg all bandaged up.


And so the full story: First Aid needed – running through a glass door…

The cleaners at the apartment had paid a particular focus on the glass doors and as a result Arran went through the doors with speed and force trying to get to the pool and he told me he was not drinking alcohol. You can see from the photo, his leg was cut to the bone and his inners we looking at me.

Arran soon realised he had been taken to the wrong hospital, so he tried to escape rather than be charged lots of money.

However, with his drip still in and still wearing his hospital gown, Arran was grabbed as he got into the waiting taxi by the doctor.

I kid you not, this is exactly as it happened.

Once back at the apartment he is told to rest till his flight home…

So that same night, his friend finds a quad bike and decides to take Arran into the town so he doesn’t miss out on the holiday of a lifetime (his words). So there is Arran on a quad bike, with his crutches and his cut leg bandaged up (the joy of having a teenager).

Arran does have a scar, but he also has his leg still attached and working, so it is all good.

So what they should have done…

  1. Make sure that no one else was going to run through the door, slip on the glass or cut themselves in the process of helping Arran.
  2. If there was glass in his leg, it should have stayed in there for the health professionals to take out. Someone taking it out could have caused problems including catastrophic bleeding, nerve damage and infections. Arran had no glass inside the cut that was good.
  3. If there was dirt in the wound, then flush the wound out with clean water.
  4. To help prevent scaring by helping the blood to circulate, the flap of skin should have been placed over the hole made.
  5. Arran should have had the wound dressed with a clean bandage or dressing before going to the hospital.
  6. Always make sure you take out insurance and know where it is valid.

Since then, Arran has been on the lads holidays and has actually come back safe and sound… Well sort of but that’s another story. The joy of having a teenager!

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