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Paediatric First Aid (2 days not in succession of each other)

2 day PFA course run over non consecutive days for professional who work with children up to 18 years old. This course meets your EYFS and OFSTED legal requirements for first aid. If you work with adults 18 years+, you will require the Emergency First Aid at Work Course or First Aid at Work Course.


Please note: If you are a pre-school, childminder or charity, please call 01484 546780 prior to booking, thank you


This is a way of undertaking your Paediatric First Aid qualification with online learning and 1 day in the classroom, whilst meeting all your EYFS and OFSTED requirements to be registered as a childcare setting.

You are sent an online login link that directs you to the course. This course can be dipped in and out of, you do not have to complete it in one session.

We do recommend that you complete this close to the classroom date as the certificate must be brought in with you on day 1 of the classroom part.

This course meets the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the requirements in the Government document First Aid in Schools, Early Years and Further Education (updated 14/2/22)’ Where, within this document it states

'While the regulations do not require employers to provide first aid for anyone other than their own employees, it is strongly recommended that all schools and colleges consider the needs of non-employees such as pupils, students and visitors when making provision for first aid.'

The content for the Paediatric First Aid Course is to:

  1. Fully understand the roles and responsibilities of the paediatric first aider for children birth -18 years old, including the administration of medication.
  2. Conduct and assess a scene survey.
  3. Assess and conduct a primary survey safely on and infant and child.
  4. Provide first aid for a child and infant who is unresponsive and be able to demonstrate when and how to perform CPR on a child and infant.
  5. Understand when to place an infant or child in the recovery position and demonstrate this with confidence and competence.
  6. Be able to demonstrate competence and confidence in performing first aid on a choking infant and child.
  7. Be able to effectively demonstrate first aid to an infant and a child with external bleeding.
  8. Demonstrate how to provide first aid to an infant or a child who is suffering from shock.
  9. Confidently understand how to provide first aid to an infant or a child with bites, stings and other minor injuries.
  10.  Demonstrate confidence and competence in undertaking first aid to an infant or child with suspected injuries to bones, muscles, and joints.
  11. Provide first aid to an infant or child with a suspected head and spinal injuries.
  12. Confidently know how to provide first aid to an infant or child with conditions that are affecting the eyes, ears and nose.
  13. Recognise and be able to treat confidently suspected: diabetic hypoglycaemic emergencies, asthma attacks, allergic reactions including anaphylaxis and the safe use of autoinjector, meningitis, febrile convulsions, and seizures.
  14. Recognise and confidently support an infant or child who is suffering from the effects of either extreme cold or extreme heat.
  15. Recognise and confidently support an infant or child who has sustained an electric shock.
  16. Confidently understand how to administer first aid for an infant or a child who has sustained a burn or scald.
  17. Provide first aid to an infant or child with suspected poisoning in a confident manner.


We now also offer:

The Combined 3 day course First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid for those settings such as nurseries, pre-schools, schools and colleges who require adult and child first aid cover.