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This is now a scary subject that we seem to be hearing a little too often in the news- ‘Acid Attacks’.

If you witness an attack the most important thing is to keep yourself safe. The NHS advise:


  1. Call 999, but ask for the Fire Service at the same time
  2. Stay well clear of the attacker- run if you have to
  3. Protect yourself, ask the casualty to remove their own clothing
  4. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area


  1. Use scissors to cut away the fabric
  2. Be careful if removing clothing over the head- keep it away from the face
  3. Put the contaminated clothing in a bin for the police to deal with
  4. Dry/powder chemicals on the skin should be brushed off BEFORE rinsing with water


  1. Ideally using clean running water
  2. Flushing/irrigating the face and eye area takes priority
  3. Make sure when you rinse, the chemical doesn’t go on unaffected areas of the body
  4. Do not wipe the chemical away
  5. If you use a garden hose, use low pressure to stop it spraying onto others
  6. Remove jewellery as it can get underneath
  7. Lukewarm water avoids hypothermia
  8. Rinsing/irrigating must be for a minimum of 20 minutes


  1. Rinse away from the unaffected eye/area
  2. Rinse for at least 20 minutes
  3. Ideally remove contact lenses