Do you know how to treat a burn?

‘Mum, I have a burn, have you any cream for it?’

(Now as we teach in First Aid in Huddersfield, you would hope I know how to reply to this about a burn)

Ooh I remember it so well. It was my son’s 19th birthday, yes that is correct- he is 19 years old at this point.

Now he is now nearly 25 and still as daft.

In this year it is a ‘thing’ that teenagers had a dare to hold something hot on their body to form a mark like a trophy. My son was of course going to do this!

So Arran and his friends all sit around the fire pit, as the rod of metal is heated up. You now have that picture with the thought that you know what is coming. You are right.

Once heated my son pulled his jeans down. Then right on his butt cheek had the metal rod held against him……. ouch!

Fast forward to me meeting him in the pub for tea and he is struggling to sit down.  ‘What on earth is the matter?’ and then he asked me.  ‘Mum, I have a burn, have you any cream for this?’

Now this wasn’t a burn like you get when lifting something out of the oven. Oh no, this was a burn that was black and waxy…. a full thickness burn….

What I did do is phone the doctors and get him an appointment.

It is such a pity neither he or his friends done one of our first aid courses!

The first aid that should have happened

Is he should have taken off the jeans and underwear. Got in a cold shower to cool the burn for 10 minutes. Get out, then got back in if it was still hot and burning. With the skin broken, it should be dressed with a non adhesive dressing. Which  in this case was cling film. You also have to be very careful that complications don’t happen.

You live and learn and hopefully Arran will now keep away from any branding irons!!