Its January yayyy! Lets join the gym.. Do we need first aid at the gym..First aid skill is handy everywhere. At the gym, park, road side, work etc. It is important to ensure that you have some level first aid training as first aid saves lives.

Did you know:

  1. 140,000 people die each year in situations where first aid could have helped save their lives, which is as many as die from cancer. This startling figure is more than four times the number who die of lung cancer each year. Lung cancer the most common cause of death from cancer.
  2. Up to 150,000 adults a year could be given a chance to live – if more people knew first aid, that includes thousands of children.
  3. Nearly two-thirds of people (59%) within the UK wouldn’t feel confident enough to even try and save a life, and a further quarter of these people (24%) would do nothing and wait for an ambulance to arrive or even hope that a passerby would know the correct first aid required.
  4. The use of CPR dates all the way back to 1740, yet even today, many individuals don’t know how to perform it. Given properly and immediately to sudden cardiac arrest victims, CPR can save lives.

How do you feel now knowing a few facts and figures?

Here is a short video from one of our Purple Dog trainer giving some advice about being at the gym.