Delivering First Aid courses

How do you choose your First Aid and Health & Safety Training Company?

Nowadays there are a lot of companies who do say they are First Aid and Health & Safety Training companies, so how can you tell if they are reputable and what should you be looking for when you are looking to book courses that are a legal requirement?


One of the main reasons people go to a company is because someone they know and trust has recommended them. Brilliant- that shows someone has been on their courses and saw the benefit.

Credibility of Teaching

What qualifications do the instructors have? They should be showing you a teaching certificate of Cert Ed or PGCE to show a higher level of understanding. Although there are lower level teaching qualifications available as well as being qualified in the teaching subject and 2 qualifications above so that questions that are asked can be answered without hesitation.

Credibility of Company

What companies do they work with at present and are these credible and respected companies?


Has the company got both written and video reviews from customers on the courses? That way you can see that these are real reviews.

Awarding Body

Which Awarding Bodies do the companies come under and are they monitored as part of that process through audits, Quality Assurance and inspections? This shows that the internal workings of the company are credible.

Tutor Background

Where have the tutors come from to be teaching these subjects? Have they actually done the job they are going to teach you about, or are they just teaching from the theory knowledge they have picked up? They need to be able to give real life examples and talk from experience.

Booking Process

It needs to be simple and do the job. So is there someone at the end of the phone who knows about First Aid and Health & Safety and who will be able to get you booked on the course within a couple of minutes? Does the company then hold your records to ensure you get a reminder the next time your certificate needs to be renewed? It needs to be easy, you have enough to do so let them take the responsibility.


Do the certificates state clearly the course undertaken and when the certificate would need to be renewed? Is the awarding body on there and if it is an accredited course, is there the OFQUAL number on the certificate to prove this?

Venue and Resources

Is the room suitable for the course to be taught? Is there enough room, are there books to go with the learning, are there enough dummies and AED’s for the first aid course at a ratio of at least 1:4?


Training can be expensive, so you need to make sure that you are getting value for money. What does the company you are looking at offer in comparison to others? Look at the added extras as well as the list above and by that I mean the tea/coffee and biscuits, everyone likes a good biscuit. Do they give you something to take away other than the course book? What is there customer service like?


These subjects can be dry and seem boring, so choose someone who can inject that ‘fun’ element into the session, so that it is an enjoyable course rather than a ‘have to do course’. Easy way to find that out…. reviews and ask the people who have been on the course. If you are sitting and paying for a course, you want to walk away having enjoyed it.