School holidays are always fun (and sometimes stressful!). Needing first aid for children in the school holidays is a common occurrence for most families.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to pack a suitcase full of everything ‘just in case’. Thinking a little bit about what could happen, would save stress and upset.

Let’s imagine you are going for a walk to the park, a good thing to do in the school holidays!

Incident 1- The trip on the pavement.

Your child is upset and there is blood and dirt in the wound. What have you got to help the situation? The easiest and quickest thing is water in a bottle with a sports cap lid. These are brilliant as you can squirt the water just where you need it to go. So now we have a clean, but wet and bloody knee. If you have with you some gauze swabs, you can gently pat the wound dry. Now if the wound is bleeding and clean, we need to cover it (but only till it has stopped bleeding). Mepore dressings are fab, bigger than a plaster, so perfect for the knee. You can buy these from the chemist, they are not expensive. Having 2 – 3 mepore dressing with you, along with the water and the gauze swabs. You can clean the wound and cover it. Winner!

Incident 2- Dust in the eye

Your child has run into the play area and the wind has whipped up some dust. Your child’s first reaction is to rub, we need to try and avoid that. Get your water bottle… the one with the sports cap and flush the eye by tilting your child’s head to the side with the dusty eye down. Distraction is good to try and clam them down!

Incident 3- Bee sting

Bees don’t sting unless they are threatened, because as they sting, they die and I don’t think they really want that to happen! The sting though stays in, so very carefully using the side of a credit card (or similar) you push the sting out the way it went in. Your child is likely to be upset, so try and calm them down. Please watch for swelling/redness as this could be a sign that your child is allergic- if this is happening- call 999 immediately. Come back to the water bottle and gauze swabs- once the sting is finally out, you can wet a swab and apply to the wound for more information


Following the simple advice during the school holidays could certainly make it a stress free experience as you set off on your adventures.