AED Training

You may need or need to perform First Aid at any point.. Last night after a full day at work, this happened…..

Knowing even a little about First Aid can save a life. Thankfully we knew what to do and everything worked out fine.

It was really hard though as I walked through the A & E department at 5.30PM. I counted 12 police officers with various individuals. There were 14 members of the ambulance service and 6 people on beds in corridors. The sign above the door said Accident and Emergency, I am sure it did. Yet it appeared there were a lot who had been drinking alcohol among other things they may have put inside their bodies.

The staff were run off their feet, looking stretched and exhausted by it all. the noise with people shouting, swearing and getting angry. I was with Steve who had just had his heart stopped and then restarted. It really was too much! Not what we wanted to hear or see, but these nurses and doctors have to put up with this day in and day out.

Barnsley Hospital you were brilliant- the team in Resus were outstanding and kind and everything you would hope for when you have someone needing their help.

Steve’s condition is AF- Atrial Fibrillation, a condition that you may have and not be aware of. It means making a few changes to your lifestyle, but nothing major. For more information on this condition click HERE