I am sure we all have watched one of those cowboy films …….

Where a snake bites a cowboy and has only minutes to live then miraculously someone appears and makes a tourniquet. Well a little less of the miraculous nowadays. Due to recent events and the country on various states of alert, tourniquets are part of all Purple Dog First Aid courses. Now that is all well and good, if you have one of these pieces of kit. The real question is, do you know how to correctly use a tourniquet? If there is an accident and you need to stem the flow of blood before someone dies. That is where the use of a tourniquet comes in to play.

The new label /term is catastrophic bleeding. It is where someone is bleeding at such a rate that if nothing is done, they will die. Do you know how much blood you have in your body? It is approximately 1 pint per stone. An adult human can loose 1 pint and it should cause no problem. After all people donate a pint of blood at a time. However, loose more than this and the body starts to react badly. Loosing a third means the body is now starting to shut down and treatment for the bleed needs to be given quickly and effectively.

Now unless you can think back to the spaghetti westerns movies, you may struggle with how to apply a tourniquet for first aid situations. The first thing to remember is try not to panic as keeping calm is key. You panic, they panic and the heart beats faster and guess what… More blood comes spurting out. At this point you may think you will not remember all of your first aid training, not so. Remember your gloves – you are dealing with bodily fluids here and you must protect yourself, then think what have you got in your First Aid Kit or to hand that you could use to stop the bleeding and save this persons life?

To help with this situation, here is a short clip of Steve our lead tutor. The clip shows:

  1. how to apply a tourniquet
  2. what to use if you don’t have a specific tourniquet to hand.

First Aid is not difficult, it is user friendly. If you are out and about and something happens you can use your skills without panic. All first aid tutors at Purple Dog bring learning to life so that it makes sense. Your fear of not remembering is replaced with confidence.

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