So we are coming up to the midge season and some people like Helen get bites and stings….

The problems start, if you don’t have things in your first aid cupboard or box to help deal with it. Antihistamine should be your go to and then keep an eye on the bites, as well as a tube of bite cream. There are so many different ones, speak with the pharmacist before you buy. If the bites get inflamed, spread or cause more than the usual discomfort, you should visit your GP. Equally, if the bites are on the face or neck or chest they should be checked out to ensure that breathing and sight are not affected.

Helen has always been susceptible to bites. Her mother used to say it was her ‘good blood’. She has tried everything- eating garlic, using bug sprays, sitting by citronella candles. Yet nothing works and any little flying bug will attack her. It’s not just in this country either. Sat by the creek in Dubai Helen got bitten and ended up with a swollen hand and fingers. The same happened in New York with the mosquitoes whilst she lived in the Bronx- they loved her legs and feet! Goodness only knows how she will get on traveling the Highland 500 for her honeymoon. However, on the last point, she has spoken to the doctor and she will be taking antibiotics and creams with her for when (it won’t be an if) the need arises.