First Aid at Work courses are really interactive here at Purple Dog Ltd Huddersfield. Our sessions are made so relevant


it means that if any situation arise you already have the training and you are able to deal with it without questions or hesitation.

Imagine… you work in a manufacturing company and a colleague of yours has a serious injury. It’s about knowing what you could face, then knowing how to deal with it. Take the amputated limb (in the video). It is not something anyone wants to see at any point, so what are your first thoughts…’Oh no, I don’t want to do this’ or  ‘Right, let me get in there. I can deal with it NOW’ or do you just stand and freeze?

Your reaction is down to the Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism we have in our brains and until you are in a situation like this, you may not know what your ‘Go to’ is. So, we go through it on our First Aid at Work courses. We explain what may happen in that instance and how you deal with this, because like we say, we need you to deal with it without hesitation.

We talk about the dangers you may face- including hidden casualties that you may not initially consider.

Next is the casualties reaction- are they screaming, are they quiet, are they calm? Again, we go through what you may see. What you can do to help them whilst dealing with the injury, because like we say, we need you to deal with it without hesitation.

Then it’s about treating the wound and with something like amputation, there will be a lot of blood- so acting quickly and effectively is a priority, but you would know what to do, because we make the learning come to life so that if you are in that situation, you can deal with it without hesitation.

First aid at work courses need to be interactive- and fun and all ours are!