No Purple Dog aren’t and if you click see more you will see what we do and why…..

For a start we only use tutors who understand the role. Having had first hand experience of dealing with the… blood … stopping breathing, all the other illnesses and injuries that can occur.

But we also:

  1. Make sure that when we train people they understand how it relates to their own workplace
  2. Assess their practical skills as well as their theory knowledge with assessments throughout the course
  3. Offer additional opportunities to come into the course early and practise their skills
  4. Provide the opportunity of collecting the first aid book before the course starts so they know what is covered
  5. Ensure there are lots of real life examples on the subjects so that it brings the teaching alive.

One thing we WILL DO is make sure that all learners are both confident and competent in their skills. Just turning up for the course is not enough! They must show us that they can keep the casualty, themselves and your business safe.

An M.D. of a private day in the Huddersfield area said last week ‘your reputation went up even higher this week when you rang me. It shows you are thinking of my business reputation when teaching members of my staff  and I can’t thank you enough for that’

WE make sure your business reputation is not affected!