What do we mean by ‘in house’ courses? And why do some companies prefer these for their first aid training?

Purple Dog deliver courses both at our venues in Huddersfield (in Deighton) and The Zone (on St Andrews Road). We do these courses both during the week and also at weekends, it does depend on the business needs and being honest, we have seen an increase in these since Covid.

So let’s have a look at the advantages and benefits of an in house course:

  • It has to be said that there could be a saving, as in house first aid courses can be cheaper than putting your employees on individual courses.
  • If you pay travel costs for your employees, in house first aid courses run at your workplace means there is no additional costs incurred when they attend their training
  • Looking at your business specifically, in house first aid courses at your workplace can have added subjects woven in if there is something that is personal to you. An example I can give, is that we delivered an in house first aid course, where 2 weeks prior to this, an individual had passed whilst in the workplace. The employees needed more time and questions around heart attacks, cardiac arrests and the use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). This was something needed by the managers to help their teams to process the situation and our role is and was, to support the business and the employees.
  • Your employees can discuss their own processes and how they can ensure everyone is aware of how first aid in the workplace will work  moving forward.
  • Increases team awareness in roles and responsibilities and can offer a fresh perspective on how things are done or perhaps need to change.
  • In house training fits around your requirements of days and times
  • All your staff are trained at the same time, so no need for occasional days away from site
  • You can have scenario based learning opportunities. A customer of ours wanted first aid scenarios within their building and for the first aiders to respond accordingly. This gave the company and the first aiders confidence in their skills being taught by Purple Dog.

The choice for an in house course or attendance on one of our open courses is up to you.

Here at Purple Dog,  we discuss all options with you to ensure what you choose is not only the most cost effective for you as a company, but also that it works for your employees in logistical terms.

Hopefully this has explained why some companies choose the in house first aid course option and some choose open first aid courses for their employees.

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitation to ask us.