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Meet Matt

Meet Matt

Matt is now one of our two tutors who are both military veterans we have here at Purple Dog Ltd, with Matt working nearly full time delivering a number of courses

Both tutors deliver the First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work and First Aid at Work Re-qualification courses, they have a skill set that is unique in many ways, and we see these skills as a real asset to the team and the company.

When we first looked for a tutor (our very first), and this is eight years ago now, we had an idea what characteristics and skills we were looking for.

The person that came along was Aaron, who explained his background up till this point of joining us had been in the military.

Was this a concern to us?

No it wasn’t at all. As what we were looking for, were a certain type of skills that would enhance and support our business.

So we employed Aaron for his ability to bring the first-aid subjects to life from some of the first-aid situations he had faced (and this wasn’t always military based)

Aaron has OCD and PTSD. Did it define him? No it did not. He used those conditions to his advantage where he had control of his room,  including the way the cups (pre covid) were laid out and paperwork was completed.

He loved a process, and teaching First Aid at Work Courses at the training room in Huddersfield under the Awarding Body of both Qualsafe Awards and FAIB meant this helped him mentally with routine and structure.

When he left to work for the NHS, he recommended his friend Adam, again a military veteran who came with the similar skill sets as Aaron had.

Yet Adam’s needs were different, and coming out of the military he found adjustments challenging, so that is where Purple Dog stepped in and we listened and we supported, and although we couldn’t fully understand the situation, we were there for him.

And now we have Matt with us.

Matt has been in the Royal Marines and also the Royal Navy and again has brought an amazing number of skills into the team.

He doesn’t ‘flap’ as we may say in Yorkshire.

He thinks and he processes, and then he comes up with solutions. He is loyal and dedicated and so honest and that we admire and value in him as part of the Purple Dog team.

His ability to teach First Aid at Work and bring in perhaps some of the more garish examples he has come across means the learning is real, not just taught by someone who has read the book, he has dealt with wounds and bleeds, broken bones and burns and scalds and the learners love the background he can bring.

We love a good first aid scenario to work with, and Matt is on it with his way of explaining and making sure that learners can do the job he is training them for.

Is having a military veteran as an employee any different to working with any other employee?

I would say yes and no. We at Purple Dog Ltd treat everyone the same in their own unique way, as one size cannot fit all.

We have had to show Matt the processes only once and he has it (unless he wasn’t on it for that second, so we may need to repeat it one more time only as we did when explaining the board we have up in the office and we don’t need to mention this one again..)

He comes to us with solutions, looks ahead to what may be needed in the business, likes to travel to customer sites and he loves having the regularity of work and structure and routine. He has a brilliant sense of humour and fits in so well within the team.

We support him as needed and that is on every level, just as we do with everyone else on the team.

So, it was quite humbling when Matt asked us if he could nominate us for the Army Covenant Award for what we do for military veterans. So we signed the covenant, received the Bronze Award and we are now going through the process of the Silver Award.

For us, signing the Army Covenant, is about showing our support to individuals who have done a job previously and are now looking for a change, perhaps with a few more barriers than others, but nothing we can’t support and work with.

It is about looking at the roles we have in the business and looking who would be best suited for the business, the team and the learners and military veterans have skills that we really appreciate.

Matt isn’t the only person we employ with a military connection, we also have a freelance tutor who is ex military and has the same combination of skills that we love and admire and he too is an invaluable and integral part of the team. He comes into work, delivers excellent sessions and fits in with the team.

A military partner (Emma) also features within our Purple Dog team, bringing the skills of organisation, problem solving and supporting others into the mix

Our commitment has also been extended to volunteering with the local cadets, using the Cadet Headquarters in Stockport, and also running courses for military veterans run by our very own military veteran Matt and Emma.

So, if you are looking for an amazing learner experience for your staff and team, think about Purple Dog and the importance we place on getting the right people for the best roles to deliver amazing courses in First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work and the Requalification courses.


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