We can’t take away the fear of something happening to your new baby, but we CAN take away the fear of not knowing what to do about it with Paediatric First Aid training


You are about to embark on the most rewarding, exciting and frankly terrifying journey of your life!

For 9 months everything has been about you and your bump & writing birthing plans with military precision.

And now baby is here and you’re all alone with this tiny helpless being, scary isn’t it?

One of our team has a 10 month old grandson. He choked recently. Very frightening for both Noah and Granny and very distressing for his Mum. But because she’d learnt what to do when a baby chokes. Noah was chuckling within minutes and reaching for another sandwich. If she hadn’t known how to deal with a choking baby what could have happened doesn’t bear thinking about.

New parents worry constantly; having a tiny person to look after is both wonderful and stressful!

Our First Aid for New Parents course is designed to take away some of that worry by arming you with the skills you need so that if the worst happened you would be able to react quickly and safely.

The fear of not knowing what to do and how to do it can be replaced with knowledge and confidence by attending just one 3 hour course.

The course will involve practical elements so that you learn and practice the techniques and the sessions will address every specific concern of all Mums & Dads in the group.

The courses will cover, among other things, choking, baby stopping breathing, spotting the symptoms of meningitis & allergic reactions.

First Aid for New Parents is designed for new parents, parents to be and anyone who wants to be confident looking after baby – so bring Grandma and Grandad too!

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You never know when you might be very glad you did.