Purple Dog Ltd

Well today is the day that the new website is launched. From the outset I said I wanted a blog on the new site. Fabulous. Only I had no idea what a blog was, I just knew I wanted one.  So what did I do…………………..

‘What is a blog’?

I googled ‘what is a blog?’ and a load of options for sites came up (look at me and the technical terminology!!). Now those who really know me, know I am not the most patient person. When I have a job to do, I just want to get on with it, I am a do’er, not a reader. So I went for the sites that were easy to access, easy to read and gave me what I needed to know. Simple! Let’s hope I picked the right site with the right explanation otherwise my blogging life may be short lived!!

Next on my list was a more simplified booking process. To be sat in the office with Iain chuntering over the backroom part of the website that you don’t see hasn’t been the best part of any day for us. So let’s go back to my search of ‘what is a blog?’. I wanted ease, something easy to follow and I do think the guys at Aye Creative have managed that. So now Iain is smiling- yes smiling and that can only be a good thing as it shows the process works for customers and for us. Yayyy!!!

Decisions decisions..

So then we come to what goes on this new website. Again a google search is needed (yes I know there are other search engines available, google in my memory bank). And again a number of sites all come up with their own ideas. Now again, those of you that know me know that I like to do my own thing- mix things up a bit, so the guys at Aye Creative have been brilliant and very patient. I wanted something… oh hold on a minute I sound like it is just me in the choices about the website. There is Steve too, but he does the tutoring and all the tweets etc, so the website was my responsibility, just so you know who does what and who to blame for things!

So much to consider..

Back to the search for the website info and the outcome. Make it easy, make it clear, make it friendly and that’s why I have added the videos (Obviously that is in fact Aye Creative) although I do look rather strange as you first look at the clip… Or perhaps it’s because I look strange anyway?

Now I have had some opposition.. Why is it that some people do not like their own photos? Is it because you believe you look different to what you see? Is it because you are supposed to put on a stone when the photo is taken? Either way Iain, Debbie and Aaron would have preferred another photo.. Perhaps of a bandage or plaster or any other photo rather than their face, really? As if that was going to happen! I think it’s important to see the people you speak with, it makes us real and that’s what we are, friendly people who want to help businesses with their training.

So there you have it, the reason for the update. The way we planned it, who has been involved and that’s it for my first blog… I enjoyed writing it, let’s hope you enjoy reading it and the posts I write in the future!

Helen x