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So we are over the festive period and now the New Year resolutions start! Working out and asthma.Joining a gym is one of the most popular resolutions ‘I am going to get fitter’ and the basics are eat less and move more.

So can joining the gym affect your health in a bad way?

The answer to that is yes it can if you are not careful.

If you have asthma and need an inhaler, then make sure you take the inhaler with you and keep it with you as you pump those muscles and run on the machines and dance in the classes. The instructors will help you if you get into bother, but it is the inhaler that makes the biggest difference.

Also, if you do take medication or have a medical condition it is always advisable to get the green light from the doctor before you pay for a gym membership.

So let’s go back to asthma and first aid.

If you see someone having an asthma attack, get them to lean forward slightly and ideally sit down. Let them use their inhaler and reassure them that you won’t leave them. DO NOT ask them questions that require them to speak, they are having to concentrate on breathing!! If you see they are not getting any better after 3 puffs of their inhaler, phone 999. Tell them what you are doing and reassure them that help will be on the way.