Which Paediatric First Aid course is right for me?

All childcare workers need to undertake paediatric first training that meets both EYFS and OFSTED requirements. This training provides learners with a full 12 hour paediatric first aid qualification.

Purple Dog helps your setting…..

meet those requirements as all our paediatric first aid courses

meet OFSTED and EYFS requirements and are delivered by qualified and experienced trainers.

This training can be done at our Huddersfield Training Venue, or in your setting.

Purple Dog have been delivering paediatric first aid for childminders and nurseries for over 10 years and we have tailored our paediatric first aid training to meet your needs and that is why we are now offering Blended Paediatric First Aid courses.

It can be confusing working out which Paediatric First Aid course is right for your business, so we try to make this is as straightforward as we can.

We now have the options of a full classroom course, or a blended course so part of the course is online and part is in the classroom

Both these options are certified for 3 years before the course must be re-taken.

Both courses cover all children from birth up to puberty in your setting

Having your staff or yourself away from your setting for 2 days could be difficult, in which case the blended learning option would be idea

 A question to consider is:      Would you feel more comfortable in a classroom for 2 days or just the 1 day?

Looking at how many paediatric first aiders you need on site, you must follow the latest guidelines from The Department for Education.

For Childminders:

  • Childminders must have a 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate for the to be able to become a childminding business
  • If the childminder has an assistant who may be left in charge of babies and children, they too will need a 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate

For other childcare settings:

There should always be the cover of Paediatric First Aiders at all opening times in the setting.

At least one person must have a full paediatric first aid (PFA) certificate and must be on the premises at all times when children are in the setting. 

However you must consider the size of your setting, the numbers in your setting and the covid precautions you have in place at this moment in time (please click for Government Guidance)

If your setting would like to be approved under the Millie’s Mark Scheme, you must ensure that all you staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid 

 A question to consider is:     Would this help your business in any way? Would this mean a better reputation? Confidence that in any first aid situation, you have the staff trained to deal with this?

You also need to consider the size of your setting and the provision areas you have both inside and out.

 A question to consider is:     How long would a first aider have to take between the furthest points in your setting?  Is this safe and appropriate for children and your first aider?

 Settings must always also ensure there is a qualified Paediatric First Aider on site to cover sickness, holidays and school trips.

 A question to consider is:     Do you have school pick-ups and drop offs and have you enough Paediatric First Aid trained staff to do this and still have the cover in your setting?

Out of setting trips must also have within the group the appropriate level of Paediatric First Aiders

A question to consider is:     Have you also provided the staff on these trips with an appropriate first aid kit and emergency plan for first aid situations?

The duty of care within childcare settings, means that any member of staff administering any type of first aid on a child, should be appropriately first aid trained and fully accountable for their actions should there be any type of investigation launched

 A question to consider is:     Every member of Paediatric First Aid trained staff should have had training and support in the processes for recording accidents and incidents as this forms part of your due diligence in your childcare setting

The Blended Learning is being booked more and more in 2020 by schools, childminders and childcare settings , so to explain a little more about how blended learning works…

  1. On the courses page under Paediatric First Aid Courses, you click onto the ‘Blended Option’
  2. You then choose the date you would like to undertake the practical part of the course, this is the part in the classroom where you practise and demonstrate the practical skills including dealing with CPR and choking.
  3. Iain in the office, when the booking is sent to him from the website will contact you with…
  4. Your own login details to your own E learning account. We suggest that a couple of weeks before the practical day, this is started, so when you come into the classroom it is still fresh in your mind.
  5. Purple Dog can still oversee the account and support if there are any problems.
  6. The online independent learning can take up to 6 hours to complete and can be returned to as many times as necessary (so you don’t have to sit and complete in one session).
  7. During the online part, videos are shown and there are multiple choice questions at the end of every section to give you the confidence in your theory knowledge.
  8. Once you have completed the whole of the e-learning section, you are then assessed again through multiple choice and you will be issued with a certificate that needs be brought to the classroom session you have booked onto.

During the classroom session, we follow the same procedures as we do with the full classroom course:

  1. You will have 2 multi choice question papers to complete as we always do
  2. Practical assessments (12) are completed as we always do
  3. Then on demonstrating both competence and confidence in all areas, you are then issued with a full Paediatric First Aid certificate that is valid for 3 years.

There is a reason that we do the assessments we do.. This is primarily for the safety of the children in your setting and your business reputation. However in addition to this, during an OFSTED inspection, they can ask for explanations or demonstrations in first aid skills from any trained Paediatric First Aider present

So we do this by assessing practical aspects through the sessions by using the manikins to demonstrate on.

The multi choice question paper covers the theory parts of the course that are covered during the course and are also in the Paediatric First Aid book that all learners are given at the start of the course.

A question to consider is:     If you had an inspection (planned or unplanned within the 3 year period between certificates) would everyone know what to do if they were individually asked to explain or demonstrate?

We can help you with this. As a customer of Purple Dog, we can now supply you with monthly assessments for your staff to answer. From this, you will be able to see where additional support may be needed and it also builds the confidence in the staff, knowing they can answer the questions without hesitation.

Perhaps you prefer weekdays for courses or perhaps it is a weekend course you prefer?

We can help you with this as we deliver courses during the week and also on Saturdays

With the Covid19 pandemic, we would like to reassure you that we have your health and wellbeing at the front of our minds and we have put in place stringent Covid-19 safety precautions and now offer a shorter time for courses within the classroom through Blended Learning Paediatric First Aid Courses

Whilst undertaking the training either at our training rooms in Huddersfield or at your setting, you or your team and your business will be kept safe from the risk of infection. This is through the following measures we have in place:

  1. Everyone has their own equipment.
  2. No one has to work with another learner at any point- adaptations have been made
  3. Full sized screens separate the learners in the classroom, so all have their own bubble
  4. Areas are clearly marked with distance tape in the training room and throughout the building
  5. Temperatures are taken prior to the training starting
  6. Hand sanitiser must be used when entering the training rooms

A question to consider is:      Does your setting have  Covid 19 bubbles at present?

The majority of childcare settings are ensuring that there is a Paediatric First Aider within each of their Covid-19 bubbles in case a bubble pops.

We can help you with that as we have a number of courses running during the week

The most important thing for your childcare settings is to always meet the latest government guidelines. We support you and help you with this by keeping an eye on the latest changes.


No one will be prevented from undertaking the course unless they are unwell, we have to follow our Awarding Bodies guidance or legislation changes.  Therefore, until told otherwise by the Government, our training will still run for you and follow the precautions above.

The course content is set from the EYFS & OFSTED requirements for your setting and covers subjects including:

  • Paediatric First Aid Kits
  • Baby CPR
  • Child CPR
  • Baby recovery position,
  • Child recovery position
  • Baby choking
  • Child choking
  • Children’s wounds and bleeds
  • Babies wounds and bleeds
  • First aid kits
  • Children’s seizures
  • Children’s burns and scalds
  • Babies burns and scalds
  • Removing splinters in children
  • First aid for children who have been bitten by an animal
  • Children’s bruises
  • Children who have been stung
  • It also covers children who have taken poisons
  • Reacting from a trigger with anaphylaxis
  • Children’s asthma
  • Children with diabetes
  • Broken bones in children
  • Broken bones in babies
  • Eye injuries in babies and children
  • Use of an AED machine
  • Neck and spinal injuries in children
  • Febrile convulsions
  • Electric shock
  • Heat stroke and heat exhaustion
  • Hypothermia
  • Meningitis in children
  • Meningitis in babies.

A question to consider is:     Do you need your staff member to have additional input in a certain area if you have a child in setting with a condition that may show in setting or that does show in setting?

 We can help you with that, if you or they have a chat with the tutor on the first day, or alternatively, you can contact Iain who will ensure this information is passed to your tutor.

Adult First Aiders in your setting

Questions for you to think about….

Thinking about your setting, do you have older children as well as members of staff?

Under HSE requirements, you must also ensure that there is adequate Adult First Aid cover for this., do you have this in place already?

Are you aware of any child who has passed through puberty? They are now classed as an adult in first aid    terms and so it is a legal requirement that a first aid needs assessment is completed to establish the numbers and which type of course is most appropriate

Have you completed a First Aid Needs Risk Assessment? If you have an inspection or an incident that requires the HSE to inspect, this forms part of your due diligence and it is a legal requirement.

We help you with this aspect for your setting, by supporting you to complete a First Aid Needs Risk Assessment for the adults and children passed puberty in your workplace, please just ask Iain on 01484 546780 and Steve or Nikki will help you to ensure this is completed as it should be for your setting.