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Paediatric First Aid Level 3 or Not?

All childcare workers need a Paediatric First Aid courses that meets EYFS and OFSTED requirements. 

Purple Dog deliver a number of first aid courses for the workplace, all of which meet employers legal responsibilities.

So one question we keep being asked is ‘What is it with the Level 3 course that makes it different to the Paediatric First Aid Meets Your Legal Requirements’?

Put simply, it is the multi choice paper at the end of the course that is the key difference as both the course content and the practical assessments are just the same.

Level 3 in Paediatric First Aid is an OFQUAL regulated course. We are not able to tell you if you have passed the multi choice paper with 100% accuracy or not. In addition to this, we cannot tell you the score or which subjects  you answered correctly or incorrectly. This means you are able to get up to 6 questions incorrect and still pass and believe you know all the answers you have just answered.

FAIB (First Aid Industry Body) Paediatric First Aid allows us to go through the paper with you. If you have answered any questions incorrectly you can see what the correct answer should be.

The choice is yours; whether you think is the most appropriate to attend. We are happy to have a chat if you are unsure.

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