Qr codes are now becoming more commonplace, mainly due to track and trace. However, what does QR stand for?

Basically, it is short for Quick Response.

The history behind these was that they were developed in 1994 to easily identify products within the car industry.

So with this in mind, Emma decided to produce a QR code for the Purple Dog website as a way of making the customer experience an even quicker response to get to our website and identify what we do that can help businesses with their HSE, OFSTED and EYFS compliance.

Looking at some of the benefits of using a QR code:

  • They are fast. If your device has a camera (Android, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod) then usually by hovering your camera over the code, the code will be scanned and it will take you to the page on the website.
  • They are safe to use
  • We can have different codes for different for different landing pages if we choose, dependent on what we would like to share. For those of you (like me) who are new to landing pages, it is basically the page that you arrive at from scanning the code initially
  • It shows that we are trying to make the customer experience more straightforward and adaptable
  • QR codes help to promote Purple Dog when we are attending networking events as it is so easy to just hover over the code and the information is there for the contact to see.
  • We do prefer to be as paperless as possible, so this means we have no need to carry business cards, which of course is also a cost saving
  • We are connecting our online and offline media in a fast and safe way
  • From what we have found, customers like the simplified way of accessing the information from the website