Well here 20 reasons to take you back to the more carefree life you perhaps enjoyed….

Most of us appreciate the effects that stress can have on our lives, so what does it look like if you don’t have stress in your life?

1. You feel calmer: When you’re not stressed, you feel happier and more relaxed. It’s like when you finish all your homework and can play without any worries.

2. You have better sleep: Stress can make it hard to sleep well. Lowering stress can help you sleep peacefully, just like a cozy blanket helps you sleep better.

3. You have more energy: When you’re not stressed, you have more energy to do fun things, such as having fun with your friends.

4. You have better focus: Stress can make it hard to concentrate. When you’re calm, it’s easier to pay attention in work and at home.

5. You build a stronger immune system: Being stressed all the time can make you more likely to get sick. Lowering stress helps your body stay strong and healthy, like eating your veggies such as sprouts.

6. You have happier relationships: When you’re not stressed, you’re nicer to your friends and family. Lower stress levels mean more smiles and laughs with the people you care about.

7. You have less tummy troubles: Stress can sometimes make your tummy feel funny. Lowering stress can help your tummy feel better and keep you from feeling yucky.

8. You are better at problem-solving: When you’re calm, you can think better. It’s like solving a puzzle – when you’re not stressed, the pieces fit together easier.

9. You have more creativity: Stress can make it hard to think of fun ideas. Lowering stress levels can help your imagination soar, like when you were a child.

10. You have less worries: Stress can make you feel worried about things that might not even happen. Lowering stress means you can enjoy the present moment without thinking too much about what might go wrong.

11. You have a healthier heart: Too much stress isn’t good for your heart. Lowering stress can help keep your heart strong and healthy, just like exercising and eating well.

12. You have better moods:  When you’re not stressed, you’re happier and more cheerful. Lowering stress levels means more smiles and laughter, making each day brighter.

13. You have a healthy body: Too much stress can make your body feel tired and achy. Lowering stress helps you feel strong and ready to take on the day, like a superhero!

14. You have a better memory: Stress can make it hard to remember things. Lowering stress levels can help you remember important stuff, like where you left your keys or phone

15. You get fewer headaches: Stress can sometimes give you headaches. Lowering stress means fewer headaches, so you can focus on having fun instead of feeling grouchy.

16. You have more time for fun: When you’re not stressed, you have more time to do things you love, like meeting your friends and family or going on adventures.

17. You are less grumpy: Stress can make you feel grumpy and crabby. Lowering stress levels means you’re more likely to have a smile on your face and be nice to everyone around you.

18. You have healthy skin: Too much stress can make your skin unhappy. Lowering stress helps keep your skin glowing and looking its best, just like washing your face and drinking water.

19. You develop better sports skills: Stress can mess up your game. Lowering stress levels can help you focus better during sports, making you a better player on the field or the court.

20. You have happier pets: Believe it or not, pets can feel stressed too! When you’re calm and relaxed, your pets feel happier and more relaxed too, just like when you give them belly rubs and treats.

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