Is the term ‘Mental Health’ used too freely nowadays?

Well, to be honest, I don’t think it is.

I believe that we are now able to talk about it more freely which is brilliant! But are we able to feel comfortable with the outcomes from talking about it? Well that I think is another matter.

We are tied by two different types of stigma– the Social Stigma that comes from what we all believe mental health to be and the Self Stigma we embed in our minds because what we are told sometimes, and consistently, we then become…

I do think we are on the cusp of something big with the changes to how we view Mental Health. However, I also think it will be the next generation that will make a difference, if not the one after.

Perhaps I think this because there are still people who believe that the support of ‘get a grip’ ‘pull yourself together’ ‘stop those tears and man up’ is the way forward to help or ‘deal’ with these situations.

It would be easier if you could see what’s happening in that person’s mind- or would it? You see for those who do suffer or who have suffered. Say that it is exhausting, frightening, lonely and so weird they don’t know what is real and what isn’t any more.

So running these courses (Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health (Level 1) First Aid for Mental Health (Level 2) & Supervising First Aid for Mental Health (Level 3)) allows me to share the experiences I have come across and dealt with- from the attempted suicides to the completed ones- to the individuals with psychosis to those with bipolar. Talking about real-life situations means that when I explain the subject; I can make it real for those who have chosen to come on my courses.

Everyone has Mental Health – it’s just sometimes when life throws you a curve ball. The way we would previously deal with things changes and we are left damaged and hurt and needing help and that’s all it is.

The help we get and how we access this is hard to get your head around. There is a lot of waiting, There are lots of questions to try and get the help needed.

But how can you answer the questions when you don’t feel you can even answer the phone?

How do you know the right answer to give to tick the right boxes to get that help?

It is so hard. No, actually it is worse than that. It is like abuse on people who are vulnerable and isolated and need to know they are not alone.

So how does doing a course sort it? I can’t and won’t say it does. However, what it does do is open the eyes of those who may not understand Mental Health. It explains just a few of the very many Mental Health conditions and what that person may be feeling and why.

It looks at the legal responsibilities that employers have for their employees. How the workplace can be made better and safer without the threat of being bullied, losing their job or missing a promotion.

You see everyone has Mental Health, it’s just sometimes life throws you a curve ball……..

For more information about our courses, just take a look at the First Aid for Mental Health page