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Asthma kills 3 people a day

Did you know 3 people a day die from Asthma?

It is awful knowing Asthma kills THREE people a day.

To think that this is a condition and as such if managed means you can lead a full life, if you consider certain things.

How things have changed

When I was little… There were perhaps four of my fellow pupils in the whole of Meltham County Primary School who had hay-fever in the summer and one person who had eczema. Apart from that, there was nothing but the occasional outbreak of nit. No, I never had those little beggars either! We spent most of our time outside, I tried and failed to get on the big rock on the picture during play times. I have to say, it is a big rock. It was at least 18 feet high when you are 8 years old. Now it is actually about 2 feet high (erosion is harsh in Meltham). I was told that we had to play out, so we had to make our own fun (marbles, bike rides, hide and seek – ooh and kick can or ‘op it’)

Why I say things have changed

Now things are very different though. We can’t, won’t or dare not let our children play out and experience the dirt, bugs, coughs and sneezes that they need to get use to. This means that when something comes along that our bodies do not understand, our children struggle with it. It is because the immune system having a fit and starts to think it is being attacked, but it is not just down to the outside. Hands up those who have cream or beige carpets and feel the need to clean with all those fancy cleaning products? Again, you are getting rid of the basic bugs that help our immune systems to grow stronger.

Hold on! That is not a reason to stop cleaning. I am just saying that perhaps you need to have a look at all this constant cleaning. We had Fairy Liquid, Vim and Domestos with the Fairy Liquid bottle being very useful for Blue Peter craft activities. Dyson Vacs weren’t invented, I am convinced James Dyson would be outside playing and climbing and getting dirty and rather than thinking he wanted to kill all household bugs with a metal sucking machine. How old do I now sound?

Anyway, why this post? Well let’s get back to the start, the fact that three people a day die from asthma and this is a condition not an illness. I would like to offer some words of wisdom to help, as I deliver First Aid Courses.

How to avoid a trigger situation

For a start, don’t put them in a trigger situation. For someone who has asthma set off by cats:

  1. First of all do not wave your cat in front of them (It is wrong on all levels!)
  2. Make sure you know if they have daily medication, they have used it as they should
  3. Make sure they have their inhaler if they must have one and make sure it isn’t about to run out
  4. If the asthma attack starts, sit them down leaning slightly forward and give them their inhaler
  5. DO NOT ASK THEM QUESTIONS – they are struggling to breathe, so you talk
  6. Reassure and try and keep them calm.
  7. Finally if the inhaler isn’t working, call an ambulance straight away.

For more information, please ask your GP or visit NHS Choices for more information.

Now there is a bit more to it than this, therefore if you would like to know more more. Contact Iain on 01484 546780 to get booked onto a Family First Aid course or Paediatric First Aid course or you can go directly to our Purple Dog Ltd website

Hope you liked the blog, Helen x