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So we are coming up to the midge season and some people like Helen get bites and stings…. (more…)

AEDs Defibs save lives, they really do. Do you know where the nearest one is to you? (more…)

Atrial Fibrillation.. What a week….. (more…)

You may have seen in the papers the  horrid story about mini eggs… (more…)

First Aid at Work courses are really interactive here at Purple Dog Ltd Huddersfield. Our sessions are made so relevant



All childcare workers need a Paediatric First Aid courses that meets EYFS and OFSTED requirements.  (more…)

Purple Dog Ltd always provide the best customer service, to every person who contacts us. (more…)

Purple Dog are Huddersfield’s First Aid and Health & Safety training specialists….  (more…)

‘Me a First Aider in my workplace – never’ I hear so often. Mainly because the individual is scared about what to do if the need for them in the role as First Aider arises.


When you become a new parent, you worry day and night about what could go wrong. How you protect your bundle of joy and your other children…….