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Do you know how to treat a burn? (more…)

We will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary


School holidays are always fun (and sometimes stressful!). Needing first aid for children in the school holidays is a common occurrence for most families.


You may have seen in the papers the  horrid story about mini eggs… (more…)

Listen to our ‘Basic First Aid Information‘ to help save lives. Even better book on to our first aid courses. (more…)

Its January yayyy! Lets join the gym.. Do we need first aid at the gym.. (more…)

We don’t just teach First Aid course…  (more…)

All childcare workers need a Paediatric First Aid courses that meets EYFS and OFSTED requirements.  (more…)

Having a seizure for the first time can be really worrying and upsetting….. (more…)

Purple Dog Ltd always provide the best customer service, to every person who contacts us. (more…)