When you start any company, your reputation is decided very quickly by the customers you have and from the feedback they give….

At Purple Dog, our aim is to deliver a difference in First Aid and Health & Safety Training. Ensuring that when you leave one of our courses you can do the job you are train to do. Attending one of our First Aid courses; Sheryl and the team saw the benefits of booking a first aid course with Purple Dog based on our reputation. This has meant that Allegro Optical are meeting their legal responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act. They have ensured both employees and members of the public are safe in their practices.

If you are anything like me, you will have a good look at different providers/suppliers in whatever you are choosing to purchase. Recommendations and testimonials are invaluable in helping you to make that choice. They can go above anything that the company itself is saying about itself. Testimonials gives that extra assurance to people as it is unbiased. As customers or potential customer you can see when a company or business receive testimonials. At Purple Dog Ltd we appreciate honesty and feedback not only does it build our reputation, it also helps improve the quality and level of training we provide.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t looked at Trip Advisor when deciding where to eat or stay? I know I have and that has made my choice easier in where I go!

Helen 🙂