by Helen Moss

What an amazing event this was where people were sponsored to walk either 6 or 10 miles to support the charity. Partnering with Basegreen, we provided the medical cover of 2 ambulances the first aiders and teams needed to make sure the event had all their walkers in medical hands.

The Kirkwood Memory walk history

This has been an event for a number of years, and only recently moved to an earlier start time of 10pm, I am told to encourage more people who prefer an earlier start time.

For The Kirkwood, the memory walk is a wonderful way to engage the community ,and further the mission of compassionate care, bringing people together who have a personal or business connection to this amazing organisation.

For me, I have a sister who has terminal cancer, and my amazing bonus daughter’s mum passed in The Kirkwood. Myself and Steve also have had friends and other family members of who been supported so exceptionally well by them- whilst in hospital as well as in the hospice itself.

Ensuring Participant Safety

One of the primary benefits of having first aid cover at the memory walk is the immediate response for any medical emergencies that may arise. Given that memory walks included participants of all ages, including the elderly and those with existing health conditions, the likelihood of medical incidents occurring increases and with over 1200 people and 120 dogs, our teams are trained to handle a range of situations, from minor cuts and bruises to more serious issues like heart attacks or severe allergic reactions. Luckily we had only a couple of minor injuries of falls and grazes to deal with.

The atmosphere at The John Smiths Stadium

Walkers started arriving at 7pm and with @HeartYorkshire and street entertainers on hand to help to build the atmosphere- it was brilliant from the start and I have to say I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen for a while which was amazing.

Emma from @HeartYorkshire foolishly gave me the mike….. and I then announced the dogs and owners were needed for their photo taking by the lovely @markflynn

10pm set off time

As the walkers set off, we made our way to the first point of The Kirkwood, where I  nominated myself as the cheerleader for the evening- directing people to the toilets and refreshment station at the hospice.

Let’s just say that my  ‘woooooo woooo’s’ appeared to be popular as I high 5’d the walkers.

3am (approx) Last walker completes

Let me just say it has been a  long time since I stayed out till the sun rose- and I have realised I am no longer designed for all nighters! So as much as I was really pleased all had arrived back safely- I was also pleased my bed was in sight.

Purple Dog and The Kirkwood

We support The Kirkwood as a business and have done for the last 12 months as part of their business group after all, you never know if you or someone you know may need this support.