It’s an exciting end of the year for Purple Dog now we are working in partnership with Prohms from Huddersfield.

After sending one of their specialist nurses on one of our courses (to make sure we delivered to a high standard). We then began looking together at how we could work to offer a broader service to our customers at Purple Dog and Prohms.

Prohms, like Purple Dog are a family based company that are based in Park Valley House just outside Lockwood, Huddersfield. They believe in the same ethics of being honest, open and delivering a top quality service to their customers. Just like we do!

It is interesting to see that again like Purple Dog, Prohms believe that the people offering their services must have the qualifications as well as experience in the field, something Purple Dog pride themselves on as we never have a tutor who has just read the book and passed the course- all tutors must have done the job as well.

So how does this partnership work? Well we now deliver all Prohms First Aid courses for their customers either at the customers own venue with an in house course, or by offering the customer the open courses for individual places we run in Cherry Nook Road, Huddersfield.

In return, we can now offer all the occupational Health & Safety courses as well as the mobile screening for customers needing these services -it really does help you the customer.